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»School board recognizes employees, students and parents
Date Released: January 25, 2016
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GPSD will be the best option in the state

Submitted on: June 16, 2016

When asked to speak at an upcoming Greenwood Voters League meeting, Greenwood Public School District Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Wilson had only been on the job for 11 days. She graciously accepted the invitation and when she addressed the audience on Wednesday, June 15, Dr. Wilson made it clear that the district will be the “best option in the state.”

State senator, Greenwood city councilman and league president David Jordan extended the invitation to Dr. Wilson who he introduced as “our very own homegrown superintendent.” Dr. Wilson was met with a round of applause as she began her speech and the applause continued throughout her address to those in attendance.

Before giving the audience an overview of her educational background, Dr. Wilson introduced the district’s principals, assistant principals and Central Office administrators who she says works with her and not for her. “In order to run this organization, it’s going to take a team effort,” Dr. Wilson said. She also introduced and praised Interim Superintendent Charles Brooks who she says kept the “ship rolling.” Also recognized were former Greenwood Superintendent Dr. Margie Pulley; Leflore County former Superintendent Mr. Cedell Pulley; two of Dr. Wilson’s former teachers and a classmate. She thanked all the people in the audience who she says are all supporters of the district.

Dr. Wilson is a product of the Greenwood Public School District. She was the salutatorian of her high school class. She graduated magna cum laude from Mississippi State University, received her master’s degree and specialist’s degree from Delta State University and holds a doctoral degree in educational leadership from MSU. Dr. Wilson has held a number of educational positions, including serving as a high school math teacher, elementary principal, high school assistant principal, college professor, director of curriculum and instruction, assistant superintendent, interim superintendent, and director of the Delta Area Consortium.

During her speech, Dr. Wilson outlined a specific plan and clear path to returning the GPSD to its heyday when the district was rated successful by the Mississippi Department of Education.

She gave an overview of where the district stands as it relates to testing, facilities, MDE standards, teacher vacancies, academics, budget, consolidation, parental involvement and community support, W.C. Williams School and the pre-K program.

Testing: Administrators are in the process of analyzing test data, including identifying areas of strength, areas that need improvement as well as being in the planning stages of what the district will do to improve on the improvements. “We have our third grade gate data and we are going to improve on our third grade gate. We have our SATP data, which is our high school data which identifies whether students will graduate. If students don’t pass English II, Algebra I, Biology I and U.S. History, they will not graduate. We are working with the high school to ensure that our students are graduating and that they pass those four subject areas. We are working on the graduation rate, because if we can ensure that our students can pass those four subject areas, then we can also ensure that they are graduating. We’re also looking at ACT scores. The purpose of going to school is to become a good citizen and to graduate, but you don’t graduate just for the sake of graduating. You graduate in order to go on to college or some other institution and to become a productive citizen and hopefully, to come back to Greenwood and become a productive citizen. The ACT score is one area that we are aggressively working on,” she said.

Facilities: The district is analyzing school facilities and identifying needs. According to Dr. Wilson, one of the greatest needs as it relates to facilities is repairing school roofs. “As you know, we had an audit finding dealing with roofing repairs. We are aggressively putting together a plan to clear that finding and to ensure that our students have safe and orderly school campuses. Roofing and repairing those roofs will be a priority for the district,” she said.

Standards: The district has cleared a significant number of standards. These include standards that have not been cleared up to this point, she added. She praised district and school administrators and teachers for clearing the standards. “We placed a focus on clearing the standards and I will be meeting with MDE officials to see where we are in clearing the standards,” she said. Dr. Wilson said clearing standards has to be done so that the district can focus on improving student achievement. “We should not be dealing with clearing standards year after year after year. We’ve got to put the focus on improving student achievement and that’s what we’re going to do,” she said.

Teacher vacancies: Every child has to have a highly qualified teacher in the classroom. Dr. Wilson said there are major teacher shortages across the state. “We have to grow our own (teachers),” Dr. Wilson said. “We have to find highly qualified teachers and get them to stay in Greenwood, but also work on individuals who are here in Greenwood and help them to become highly qualified teachers. She said as of late May, the district started what is being called “Grow Our Own Teachers.” Approximately 25 district assistant teachers have college degrees but are not certified to teach. These assistants are working in the classroom, assisting the teachers, but they don’t have a teacher license. “We are putting them through programs to help them get certified so they can become licensed teachers. Because what I do know is these are homegrown and they tend to stay,” she said.

In addition, the district is helping approximately 35 teachers become nationally board certified. The district is providing the training and support for them. Teachers who are national board certified earn an additional $10,000 a year for six years from the state because of their nationally recognized certification.

Academics: The district will place a laser light focus on academic achievement.  “We’re in the business of improving student achievement. Everything else is secondary. If we don’t improve academic achievement, we are not fulfilling our mission and our vision,” Dr. Wilson said. “The priority for the Greenwood Public School District is improving student achievement. “

Budget: The district is working on the budget. “We are looking at our needs and our projections. We are going to create the budget with those things in mind. However, we do not have the final numbers today, but the final budget should be ready by mid-July,” she said.

Consolidation: The Legislature made the decision to consolidate the district and that consolidation is slated for 2019. Dr. Wilson said she and Leflore County conservator Dr. Ilene Richards have had an initial conversation and both are focused on improving academic achievement in their respective districts. “If consolidation is to occur, you better have a strong base to build on that,” she said.

Parental involvement and community support: It is critically important that our parents play a critical role in improving student achievement. “We cannot do this alone. It takes a village to raise a child,” she said. “If we’re going to do this effectively, we will have to have parental support and involvement and we will aggressively seek parental support and involvement in the education of their children. “

W.C. Williams School: Asked by an audience member what the plans are for the now closed elementary school, Dr. Wilson said the district is considering using the school as the site for professional development meetings.

Senator Jordan said he would like to see W.C. Williams reopen as a pre-K school. Dr. Wilson said the district will be looking at grants and other initiatives to promote pre-K. “All of you know that if they’re going to read in third grade, we’ve got to start early. And, pre-K is the best avenue to start in helping our children have the literacy skills in order to be successful in first grade, second grade, third grade and thereafter,” she said. “We will be looking at opportunities to expand pre-K in Leflore County and Greenwood school district.”

Another audience member asked about early childhood education, noting that the learning years are the first five years of a child’ life. Dr. Wilson said the district is looking at collaborating with area Head Start and other centers in order to develop early childhood education. “We know one through five years of age is important so that when they do hit the school system, they are ready and able to do what is required by the state.

Dr. Wilson also gave an update on school activities taking place this summer, including the ongoing extended school programs at all school sites, athletes participating in summer camps and principals participating in professional development meetings.

She reiterated that the Greenwood Public School District will be the best option available. “I promise you that. We’re working on making that a reality,” she said. “The folks that will make that happen are here, referring to the principals and administrators at the meeting, and the 200 plus teachers who will be a part of the team. We are aggressively working on improving student achievement, but it’s going to take the community supporting the district; it’s going to take the parents supporting the district; and it’s going to take any governmental official who has any stake in the Greenwood Public School District supporting the district. “









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