GSPD Lunch Menus

Thank you for taking an interest in your child's school nutrition program. We share your passion and are committed to bringing you information that you can use.

We take your child's health seriously. We provide tasty, healthy breakfasts and lunches in our cafeterias in line with our school system's wellness policy as well as state and federal standards. Please click on the links below to view the GPSD lunch menus.

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»  Menu: August 4th - August 19th»  Menu: August 22nd - September 9th
»  Menu: September 26th - October 14th»  Menu: October 17th - November 4th
»  Menu: Octobe 31st - November 25th»  2016 Wellness Plan
»  Menu: November 28th - Decemer 16th»  Menu: January 5th - January 20th
»  Menu:February 27th - March 24th»  Menu: March 27th - April 14th
»  Menu:April 10th - April 28th»  Menu: May 1st - May 12th
»  Menu:May 15th - May 24th

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